Q: Any Gluten free cake?

A: No, all our dessert are not gluten free. 

Q:Any Cake is suitable for vegetarian?

A: No,we do not have any cake suitable for vegetarian as it contains milk and eggs. 

Q:Any Lactose free cake?

A: No, all our dessert contains milk. 

Q:Any dessert it's eggless?

A: No, all our dessert contains egg.

Q:Are you guys halal?

A: No, we do not obtain any halal certification but we are pork and lard free.

Q: Which dessert is not suitable for nuts allergic?

A: All our desserts contain nuts EXCEPT Tiramisu, Matcha Tiramisu, Honey, Fruit Flan and Strawberry Shortcake do not contain nuts. 

Q:Which dessert is contain alcohol?

A:Bourbon Whiskey and Pinacolada. We got special stated in the item description. 

Q: Can your dessert customize to less sweet? 

A: We can't make it as the changes of any ingredients from our recipe may affect the taste, texture and ratio.